Ageless Grace Exercise Class: Timeless Fitness for the Body & Brain

Jun 3rd - 1:30 PM
Jun 17th - 1:30 PM
Jul 1st - 1:30 PM
Jul 15th - 1:30 PM
Aug 5th - 1:30 PM
Aug 19th - 1:30 PM
Lyngblomsten Apartments - 1455 Almond Avenue, St. Paul 55108

Ageless Grace® is practiced seated and to music. It consists of movements that are natural and organic (and never the same twice). Ageless Grace classes provide excellent chair exercise, as well as cognitive and social benefits. There is always a lot of laughter at an Ageless Grace class.

Work on joint mobility, right-left brain coordination, kinesthetic learning, fall prevention, confidence, spinal flexibility, cognitive function, balance, self-esteem and more.

Teacher:  Pola Rest

Offered the 1st & 3rd Fridays each month
Fee:  $1 per class
Open to the community

1:30–2:30 PM at the Lyngblomsten Apartments, Main Dining Room (1455 Almond Avenue, St. Paul)

Upcoming classes:

  • June 3 & 17
  • July 1 & 15
  • August 5 & 19

Questions?  Contact Andrea Lewandoski at 651.632.5318 or