Green Thumbs & Yum Yum

Jun 17th - 1:00 PM
5-5-1 Club - 1415 Almond Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108

Co-owner Sandy Biedler from Hermes Floral will show you how to create a mini garden to keep on your coffee table or counter top. She will bring containers, plants, pebbles, moss and other little additions for your garden.

Purchase a container or bring one of your own. Do you have a special little bowl or even a box that you would like to use? (There will be liners to use in containers to keep them dry.) Be creative! Now for the "yum yum"...we'll have coffee and treats, too!

1–3 PM at the 5-5-1 Club

Fee:  $21 for 2 plants/$25 for 3 plants
Includes coffee & treats. Extra cost for containers (unless you bring your own) and decorative pieces to put in your planter (optional). 

Register:  651.632.5330 or, OR mail in a registration form.
Register by Friday, June 12.
Program #617

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