Give Now, Give Later, Give and Receive

Oct 13th - 5:30 PM
5-5-1 Club - 1415 Almond Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108

presented by Thrivent Financial & offered through Lyngblomsten's 5-5-1 Club

There are benefits to giving that go beyond the personal satisfaction of helping others. Whether you want to give now, give later, or give and receive, there are options to help you make the most of your charitable gifts. We will explore solutions that match your interests and financial needs while providing you with maximum tax benefits. We will help you better understand these opportunities to live generously and change lives.

Presenters:  Nick ScottRussell and Brian Macho

5:30–7 PM at the 5-5-1 Club

Fee:  $5; refreshments provided

Register:  651.632.5330 or, OR mail in a registration form.
Program #1013

This event is intended to be an educational opportunity, not a sales presentation.

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